DNA Software announces launch of PanelPlex

DNAS releases PanelPlex

Infectious disease molecular diagnostic(MDx) assays require rapid identification of pathogens and their drug resistance profiles in clinical samples use a highly multiplexed molecular approach. The market pull for such MDx assays has led to the software solution, PanelPlexTM.

Ann Arbor, MI – June 7, 2017.

DNAS releases PanelPlex™ , a cloud based product to solve the four most common problems in multiplex. PanelPlex™ was built in direct response to the molecular diagnostics customers that DNA Software has served over the past two decades. These multiplex problems include lost time in design and time to market, costs related to lengthy design, lack of organizational expertise and the use of sub-optimal tools and freeware. PanelPlex™ is designed to solve the tough problems that are problematic for “freeware”.

There are two options for customers. One is to use the product directly utilizing cloud-computing. The other option is to have DNA Software use the software to do all the design work. Some customers opt for hands-on work, others want a concierge service utilizing DNA Software’s team of professionals.

“We are very excited to offer the most comprehensive software product with exactly the right functionality and user experience for researchers designing panels. PanelPlex™ is the result of 15 years of investigation into the mechanism of PCR and careful experiments to identify the sources of failure of PCR” commented CEO, Dr. John SantaLucia.

About DNAS

About DNA Software Inc.
Over 20 years ago, Dr. John SantaLucia made significant discoveries at a prestigious research university regarding the behavior of DNA and his seminal published work has now been cited over 5000 times. DNA Software, Inc. was founded to commercialize this research for real market applications by the accuracy of predictive models into software algorithms to replace traditional trial and error experimentation. DNA Software (DNAS) has now offered solutions to some of the most difficult problems in DNA Diagnostic Design and Analysis, first in desktop software and now in cloud based applications.