DNA Software Story


For over 21 years, DNA Software has been solving some of the most challenging problems in multiplex design in the field of molecular diagnostics. DNA Software has a proven track record of designing high target multiplex panels for a variety of infectious diseases, in oncogene panels, which helps to accelerate the field of personalized medicine. DNA Software has earned the trust of industry leaders, such as Cephied, BD, Curative, J&J, Qiagen, and Roche. Founded by world renowned scientist, John SantaLucia, based on technology from his laboratory and publications, DNA Software has incorporated best in class algorithms, heuristics, and scoring models that uniquely position the firm as a leader in multiplex design. DNA Software was recently acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan as best in class for multiplex design. The value created by DNA software’s approach changes the game in multiplex design. What used to be a lengthy, costly, unknown and uncertain, experimentally intensive process has now become a predictable outcome. Our solutions save considerable time, money, and allow our customers to get their product offering to market much faster. DNA Software has harnessed the power of AWS cloud computing to provide a database driven approach to the design process. For example, DNA Software’s PanelPlex technology was used by customers around the world to create COVID-19 diagnostics with high accuracy, when it mattered most. I would say that the biggest breakthrough we’ve made is in understand the mechanisms of failures of PCR. In particular, the mechanisms of forming primer dimers and primer cross-reactive interactions. We have really taken a systematic approach to discover the scientific mechanism behind the failures of PCR. DNA Software has spent several years curating exquisitely accurate databases to reflect all of the most commercially relevant pathogens. These databases, or playlists as we call them, can be leveraged each time a customer uses our software, or contracts our service to deliver a custom multiplex design. These high quality databases are instrumental in providing the high performance multiplex solutions that our customers have come to expect. As the industry continues to move toward increased multiplex, with higher plex sizes, more challenging targets, and design challenges that challenge the very limits of what’s possible, DNA Software stands ready to assist its customers and partners.