DNAS Exhibits Its Expanding Technology Portfolio

Ann Arbor, Mich. – October 17, 2007DNA Software, Inc. exhibited its science and software developments and growing products and services portfolio at the annual MichBio Expo in Lansing, MI.

DNA Software received The Michigan Investment and Commercialization Success Award in 2003. DNA Software is among the select-few, award-winning, start-up companies that successfully commercialized its technology, continues to expand its R&D and commercial offerings, and is working toward diversifying and growing Michigan’s struggling economy.

DNA Software continues to explore opportunities to develop the biotech industry within Michigan. The company networks with local business-accelerator organizations such as the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), MichBio, SPARK, and BioArbor. DNA Software has collaborated with, licensed technology from, licensed software to, and provided consulting services to Michigan universities. When Pfizer Inc decided to close its Ann Arbor R&D facility in early 2007, DNA Software attracted, hired, and retained local talent. Moreover, DNA Software has consulting relationships with former Pfizer scientists and continues to seek expertise in the areas of computational chemistry, structural biology, and mathematical modeling. Interested scientists are encouraged to contact DNA Software.

About DNA Software, Inc.
DNA Software is the leading provider of innovative software and consulting solutions for nucleic acid research. DNA Software combines award-winning science with cutting-edge software technology and offers the industry’s most comprehensive, automated, and predictive software for designing accurate DNA and RNA hybridization assays and reducing costly false positives and negatives.