DNAS and Fluidigm Partner in Distribution Pact for CopyCount


NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Fluidigm said today that it has entered into a non-exclusive distribution agreement with DNA Software to provide that firm’s CopyCount-CNV software for use with Fluidigm’s Biomark HD system.

Biomark HD is an automated qPCR platform that uses microfluidics to detect CNVs in tens to hundreds of samples with significant cost and time savings over traditional plate‑based methods, according to Fluidigm.


DNA Software’s CopyCount-CNV complements the Biomark HD workflow by enabling researchers to measure CNVs with high accuracy by determining the absolute copy number of each marker from raw fluorescence qPCR data and computing the ratio of those copy numbers to reveal the CNV.

Accurate CNV:

The combination of the easy-to-use CopyCount-CNV software and the proven, high-performance Biomark HD automated qPCR system from Fluidigm has the potential to result in more accurate CNV determination in both translational and clinical research, John SantaLucia, co-founder, president, and CEO of DNA Software, said in a statement.