DNAS Presents Poster on Visual OMP 3 at Smalltalk

Ann Arbor, Mich. – June 22, 2003DNA Software has been selected to present a poster at the upcoming Smalltalk 2003 conference entitled:

New Software for Simulating and Designing DNA- and RNA-based Primers, Probes and Targets.
Abstract: DNA Software’s Visual OMP™ (Oligonucleotide Modeling Platform™), provides an integrated suite of tools that help scientists clearly identify assay design problems and improve primer/probe specificity and sensitivity in their PCR and microarray designs. It is the first software to offer automatic multiplex primer and microarray probe design where cross-hybridization and mis-hybridization between oligos and targets are evaluated thermodynamically and minimized by the software. Key features include integrated visualization of DNA and RNA folding, and proprietary algorithms for calculating the concentration of all species in an assay at any temperature. OMP Developer Edition™ includes a defined scripting language that allows OMP™ to be programmed for high-throughput analyses. The combination of automated design, visualization and analysis provide the ultimate in silico workbench for genomic assay design.

About DNA Software, Inc.
DNA Software, Inc. combines science and software to enable industrial genomics through advances in technologies based on nucleic acids. The company’s first software platform, OMP™ (Oligonucleotide Modeling Platform™), models in silico the folding and hybridization of single-stranded nucleic acids with great accuracy. The company combines OMP™ with scientific consulting, custom software development, and custom laboratory research to deliver state-of-the-art support for designing and developing of nucleic acid based technologies.