DNA Software announces launch of PanelPlex

DNAS releases PanelPlex

Infectious disease molecular diagnostic(MDx) assays require rapid identification of pathogens and their drug resistance profiles in clinical samples use a highly multiplexed molecular approach. The market pull for such MDx assays has led to the software solution, Read more ›

DNAS cited in Science Advances

DNAS cited in Science Advances

Early identification of pathogens is essential for limiting development of therapy-resistant pathogens and mitigating infectious disease outbreaks. Most bacterial detection schemes use target-specific probes to differentiate pathogen species, creating time and cost inefficiencies in identifying Read more ›

Antisense Webinar Transcript

Better Antisense Design Without the Trial and Error:  Problems we Solve

Most researchers use naïve strategies to design antisense oligonucleotides.  However, to maximize assay sensitivity and specificity one must consider probe and target sequence and their respective and combined chemistries.  Read more ›