Antisense Webinar Transcript

Better Antisense Design Without the Trial and Error:  Problems we Solve

Most researchers use naïve strategies to design antisense oligonucleotides.  However, to maximize assay sensitivity and specificity one must consider probe and target sequence and their respective and combined chemistries.  Read more ›

DNA Software partners with Insilixa to provide high multiplex infectious disease detection panels

InSilixa Inc. and DNA Software Inc. enter into agreement to develop state-of-the-art high-multiplex infectious disease panels for commercialization on InSilixa’s CMOS biochip platform

03/10/2016            See press coverage at Genome Web

Infectious disease molecular diagnostic (MDx) assays developed specifically for InSilixa’s Read more ›

Myth 6: At the End of PCR, Amplification Efficiency Is Not Exponential Because the Primers or NTPs Are Exhausted or the Polymerase Looses Activity

PCR amplification occurs with a characteristic “S” shape. During the early cycles of PCR, the amplification is exponential. During the later stages of PCR, saturation behavior is observed, and the efficiency of PCR decreases with each successive cycle. What is

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