Over 20 years ago, Dr. John SantaLucia made significant discoveries at a Wayne State University regarding the behavior of DNA and his seminal published work has now been cited over 8,000 times. His vision for the company was to incorporate the accuracy of his predictive models into software algorithms to significantly improve, if not replace, traditional trial and error experimentation. He founded DNA Software, Inc. to commercialize this research for real market applications.

DNA Software (DNAS) has now offered solutions to some of the most difficult problems in DNA Diagnostic Design and Analysis, first in desktop software and now in cloud based applications as our technology has evolved. These DNAS solutions include primer design multiplexes (500+), detecting DNA copy number from PCR curves, determining complete modified nucleotide predictions and predicting rate kinetics from sequence along with a host of solutions currently under development.  We have accelerated the discovery timeline for our customers from months to minutes and in many cases provided solutions that were otherwise impossible without the expertise of DNAS.