Learn what our customers are saying about DNA Software

“qPCR CopyCount provided results 4X better than the delta Ct method.”
Customer at MIT

“We find it [Visual OMP™] makes very accurate and sometimes surprising (but true) predictions about binding efficiency in multiplexes…”
David Whitcombe, Chief Scientific Officer, DxS Ltd, UK.

“It [Visual OMP™] is very powerful software when used for multiplexing design…”
Chris Novak, Ambion

“I have designed over 10,000 PCR assays in my experience with DNA Software’s Visual OMP™ and found greater than 95% success rate when using it to design my assays compared to less than 20% success without it.”
Dr. Eric Bruening, MolecularMD

“I have been using DNA [Software™] for a long time, at least 8 years. I want to have the best tools available and that is why we use it.”
Dr. Nancy Schoenbrunner, Roche Molecular Systems

“I am a long-term user of Visual OMP™. I like this program very much because it provides a solid scientific basis for oligo design and cuts the development time by more than half.”
Olga Budker, longtime Visual OMP user

“In my experience, DNA Software™ saved me 75% of my oligo costs.”
Helen Minnis, Wave 80

“DNA [Software™] has passed my tests. I’ve recommended it [Visual OMP™]. It performs extremely well.”
Dr. Ned Sekinger, Luminex Corporation

“Learning to use the program [Visual OMP™] is time well spent, and the support staff at DNA Software is always ready and able to help”
Dr. Sue J. Kohlhepp, Providence Portland Medical Center.