Client Services

We pride ourselves on solving some of the most difficult multiplex design problems in the industry.

DNA Software (DNAS) has now designed multiplex assays for greater than 300 of the most common pathogens for infectious disease panels and earned the trust of respected leaders in the life sciences.

Many of our clients partner with DNAS through a client service agreement to leverage our expertise in multiplex design and to deliver the assay designs directly enabling our customers to get their product offering to market much faster.

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We can accelerate your product R&D lifecycle

Through custom multiplex design contracts, DNAS can accelerate the product R&D lifecycle through using our existing databases for these pathogens of interest and deliver custom designs in a fraction of the time and cost.  DNA Software has a proven track record of delivering high target multiplex panels for the detection of upper respiratory pathogens, UTI and STD panels, GI and antibiotic resistance panels along with oncogene specific panels among others.

We’re here to help you succeed

DNA Software offers design services for complex multiplex PCR reactions involving viruses, bacterial, and parasites and the development of PCR assays.
Contract research for determining thermodynamic parameters for your proprietary modified nucleotides.

Custom software development for a range of assay formats (i.e. automated solutions for isothermal amplification, ligase directed amplification, molecular beacons, scorpion probes, novel fitting of PCR and isothermal amplification).

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