CopyCount:  qPCR Analysis Software

qPCR curve fitting to determine absolute copy number in every well.

CopyCount™ (qpcr analysis software) turns every qPCR reaction into an absolute copy number determination.

What is CopyCount?

CopyCount™ analyzes the shape of qPCR fluorescence data to deduce the absolute number of copies of target DNA/RNA at cycle zero. There is no need for a standard curve, or sample dilution, or excessive replicates – instead every individual qPCR curve can be analyzed to give absolute copy number. This is useful for determining viral load, bacterial load, standardization of reference stocks, and other applications.

CopyCount™ saves you time and money by reducing the need for excessive replicates and standard curves and increases the real estate on your plate that is devoted to unknowns rather than standards.

Results from CopyCount™ are simple to interpret: CopyCount™ gives the number of molecules of DNA at cycle zero. No more mathematical gymnastics are needed to interpret complex Ct values.

CopyCount™ uses your existing qPCR instrumentation, rather than expensive Digital PCR instrumentation.

The Problem With Absolute Quantification

Obtaining absolute PCR quantification currently requires the laborious preparation of standards and acquiring a standard curve, thereby wasting reagents and using valuable plate real estate. In addition, the traditional qPCR analysis method determines the “cycle threshold”, Ct or Cq, which varies for different assays, different machines, and varies from plate to plate, thereby making the Ct value hard to interpret.

Solving Absolute Quantification with qPCR CopyCount

DNA Software has made a breakthrough in understanding the mechanism of PCR amplification. Our new product, qPCR CopyCount™, allows for any qPCR curve to be analyzed to directly determine the absolute number of copies of DNA at cycle zero. The DNA copy count is the quantity that every biologist wants and the results provided by qPCR CopyCount™ have unprecedented relative and absolute accuracy.

How can qPCR CopyCount™ benefit your research as a Digital PCR alternative?

  • DNA copy number results that are 3-4 X more precise than Ct method
  • Eliminates two common sources of user error, namely the quantification of standards and the running of standard curves
  • Accelerate your workflow with existing qPCR instrumentation
  • Cost effective alternative to Digital PCR

A Novel, Validated Method for Absolute qPCR Quantification.

Absolute Quantification with Existing qPCR Instruments

Utilizing your current lab equipment and methods, and providing you higher sample throughput than Digital PCR, qPCR CopyCount™ provides absolute quantification with outstanding accuracy, within 5% errors. Rather than the need for expensive new equipment, qPCR CopyCount™ makes every qPCR reaction an absolute reaction.

Lower Cost Per Well

qPCR CopyCount™ requires no quantification standards and provides users more sample wells rather than control wells. In other words, “more real estate for your plate”.

Digital droplet vs copycount

Export Formats

qPCR CopyCount requires that you upload your raw qPCR fluorescence data for each cycle as a text based CSV/TSV file or Excel XLS/XLSX formats. At this time we are unable to support direct binary formats such as SDS and EDS files. Currently, we can automatically detect the following formats:

  • Abbott m2000rt
  • ABI 7500/7900
  • Bio-Rad:  CFX and iCycler
  • Fluidigm
  • Life Technologies: ViiA 7, Step One, OpenArray 12K Flex
  • Qiagen: Rotor-Gene
  • Roche: LC480 and Lightcycler Series
  • StrataGene MX
  • General Column-Layout CSV
  • General Row-Layout CSV

If your data is not in one of the above formats, please contact DNA Software and we will work on adding it to the system!

“DNA Software has discovered the quantum nature of qPCR”

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CopyCount™:  qPCR Analysis Software turns every qPCR reaction into an absolute copy number determination. See how CopyCount™ can benefit your organization.