DNA Software Modified Nucleotide Library
Modifieds Module in OMP
Modified nucleotides are accessed by 2 mechanisms:

1. Declaration of the strand type using the keyword
“SEQUENCE_TYPE=value” (e.g. SEQUENCE_TYPE=MOR). There are six strand
types that we support (your current version supports all of these):
DNA = deoxyribonucleic acid
RNA = ribonucleic acid
PNA = peptide nucleic acids
MOR = morpholino backbone
PSD = phosphorothioate with deoxy ribose sugar
OM2 = 2′-O-methyl-RNA

2. Declaration of a chimeric modified nucleotide within a sequence of a
particular strand type. The modified nucleotides are specified by a
5-letter code enclosed within a curly bracket, as follows:
two chimeric modifications
Here is the complete list of modified nucleotides (and their 5-letter codes) supported in OMP.

For a full list of support fluorophores and quenchers, click here.