Multiplex PCR Primer Designs for up to 200 plex in Hours Not Months

Designs for up to 200 plex PCR primers with 99% success. PanelPlex TM primer design tool automates designs for PCR primers.

  • Up to 200 plex multiplex capability in your PCR assay
  • 95 % first pass success rate for multiplex primers
  • 5% first pass failures can be redesigned in presence of the 95 % that work for 99% success rate
  • Designs returned in 2-12 hours
  • Highly uniform amplification of all targets
PanelPlexTM Traditional Design
First pass of multiplex primer design 95% 70% *
Second pass of multiplex primer design 99 % 10%
Time to functional design <2 days >6 months
Plex size 1 to >200 plex <20 plex

* Based on personal communication with PCR specialist at Roche and Sr. Scientist at a Boston based Biotech company

Case Study: 32 plex PCR Panel design for Upper Respiratory Infections

Insilixa, a CMOS chip company, used PanelPlexTM to design 32-plex panel for upper respiratory infections including both bacteria and viruses. PanelPlexTM provided the full multiplex primer designs in less than a day whereas researchers using other tools have estimated similar projects take 6-9 months.