Providing completely automated design of multiplex PCR with unprecedented coverage, sensitivity and specificity.  We’ve spent nearly two decades thinking about Multiplex PCR so you don’t have to.

  • PanelPlex™-Consenus  is the result of nearly 20 years of investigation into the mechanism of PCR and careful experiments to identify the sources of failure of PCR. 
  • PanelPlex™-Consensus has been rigorously validated for the detection of thousands of viruses, bacteria and human targets. 
  • PanelPlex-Consensus (ver. is useful for applications such as: infectious disease variants for bacteria, viruses, human genomic targets, and mRNA profiling. different variants of PanelPlex and their different features.
  • PanelPlex-Consensus provides consensus design for single panels (i.e. detecting all variants of pandemic 2009 influenza A virus or one set of “universal” primers for all 10,000 FluA variants).
PCR pipeline

Common challenges in multiplex panel design include a lengthy and costly design cycle. This can often be the result of both a knowledge gap within the organization along with freeware and sub-optimal design tools.

We often see researchers relying on outdated, antiquated tools. If assay design is mission critical to your organization, why would you want to use a sub-optimal tool?

PanelPlex™-Consensus solves these problems by addressing the following:

  • PanelPlex™-Consensus saves several months (>6 months on average) of iterative experimental trial-and-error optimization.
  • Increase your business by scaling your multiplex PCR assay design process – make more assays, faster time to market, and with higher efficacy.
  • Produces diagnostic quality designs.
  • Rigorously validated for the detection of over 1000 viruses, bacteria and human targets with wet-lab validated results.
  • Automated consensus design of multiple variants of DNA or RNA targets.
  • Designs around a wide variety of potential artifacts such as: false negatives caused by target secondary structure, undesired primer-primer interactions, false primer-amplicon interactions, false amplicons to background genomes, and low coverage due to sequence variations.
  • PanelPlex™- Consensus uses ThermoBLAST™ “playlists” to scan for off-target hybridizations that cause false-positive tests.
  • Massive data capability — PanelPlex™- Consensus can handle large playlists such as human genome, human RefSeq, human microbiome, bacterial diversity panel, soil microbes, or all known viruses.