DNA Software partnership with Insilixa

InSilixa Inc. and DNA Software Inc. enter into agreement to develop state-of-the-art high-multiplex infectious disease panels for commercialization on InSilixa’s CMOS biochip platform

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dna software partners with insilixia

Infectious disease molecular diagnostic (MDx) assays developed in partnership with inSilixa specifically for InSilixa’s sample-to-answer CMOS biochip platform will enable the rapid identification of pathogens and their drug resistance profiles in clinical samples using a highly multiplexed (>1000) molecular approach.

Sunnyvale, CA – March 10th, 2016.  InSilixa Inc., the pioneer in the use of CMOS biochip technology for molecular diagnostics (MDx) and DNA Software Inc., a leader in DNA diagnostic design and analysis solutions, announces a joint agreement to develop Infectious disease assays specifically for InSilxa’s sample-to-answer CMOS biochip platform.

InSilixa’s proprietary sample-to-answer CMOS biochip technology enables rapid detection, quantification, and genotyping of pathogens (viruses and bacteria) in clinical samples and the simultaneous identification of their drug resistance profiles using a highly-multiplexed targeted mutation detection technique. The first generation of InSilixa’s products will focus on infectious diseases MDx applications in near-patient and point-of-care (POC) settings, including the comprehensive analysis of seasonal respiratory infection outbreaks, rapid detection of MDR bacteria (“super bugs”) in urgent care settings and the detection, quantification and comprehensive drug resistance genotyping of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in blood samples from patients with HIV/AIDS. The multiplexed PCR designs provided by DNAS Software in partnership with insilixia will leverage their algorithms for signature sequence identification, ThermoBLASTTM for scanning oligonucleotides against collections of genomic sequences, and their PCR design software. “We are very excited to work with Dr. SantaLucia and his industry leading team at DNA Software to realize the full potential of our unique platform” said Dr. Arjang Hassibi, CEO of InSilixa Inc. “The agreement and partnership with InSilixa and DNAS is a tremendous complement of technologies that will result in multiplexed detection of a wide variety of pathogens with outstanding sensitivity and specificity” said Dr. John SantaLucia, CEO of DNA Software, Inc.

About InSilixa Inc.

InSilixa, Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, is a multidisciplinary, highly motivated and highly technical team comprised of industry veterans with diverse backgrounds in semiconductors, biotechnology, medicine, and informatics. Founded in 2012, InSilixa is driven by the quest to revolutionize the value, power and speed of molecular diagnostics worldwide by leveraging its proprietary semiconductor-based CMOS biochip technology. To that end, the company is developing point-of-care (POC) and near-patient platforms for the delivery of low cost, high-performance, and mass-deployable solutions for DNA and protein-based diagnostic testing.

About DNA Software Inc.

DNA Software, Inc. is headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI and was co-founded in 2000 by Dr. John SantaLucia. DNAS has developed world-class expertise and algorithms for the modeling of nucleic acid folding thermodynamics, kinetics and structure. This expertise is applied to developing solutions to nucleic-acid diagnostics with unprecedented sensitivity and specificity, particularly for multiplexed assays. These solutions are fully automated, thereby greatly reducing the traditional trial and error approach. DNAS has accelerated ​the ​discovery ​timeline ​for their customers from months to minutes and in many cases provided solutions that were otherwise ​im​possible without the expertise of DNAS.

For more information about the companies, technologies, products in development or partnering opportunities, please contact InSilixa Inc. at  info@insilixa.com or DNA Software Inc. at 1 (734)-222-9080.