Multiplex PCR Assay Primer Designs made easy

PanelPlexTM-Consensus is a best in class multiplex PCR primer assay design tool that designs primers and probes with 99% success rate.

What are the advantages of using PanelPlexTM-Consensus in designing your highly multiplexed PCR assay designs?

  1. PanelPlex™-Consensus uses inclusivity and exclusivity panels for diagnostic quality assays.
  2. Automates the design process with faster time to market for diagnostics, saving considerable R&D time and money.
  3. Rigorously validated for the detection of thousands of viruses, bacteria and human targets.
  • PanelPlex™-Consensus is used for applications such as:
  • Infectious disease variants for bacteria.
  • Viruses, human genomic targets, and mRNA profiling.
  • Different variants of PanelPlex-Consensus and their different features.

Mulpiplex pcr assay design

PanelPlex-Consensus Traditional Design
First pass of multiplex primer design 95% 70% *
Second pass of multiplex primer design 99 % 10%
Time to functional design <2 days >6 months

* Based on personal communication with PCR specialist at Roche and Sr. Scientist at a Boston based Biotech company

Learn how to save time and money on your multiplex-PCR Assay Primer Design

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How can PanelPlex-Consensus help my business save money on its multiplex PCR assay designs?

  1.  PanelPlex -Consensus saves on average up to six months or more of exhaustive experimental trial-and-error optimization.
  2. Increases your business by scaling your multiplex PCR assay design process by: